Research & Publications

Current Projects:

I am currently working on developing my dissertation into a book manuscript. As part of this project, I am paying particular attention to print culture, including artistic and literary journals that featured collaborations between visual artists and literary authors, such as Pèl i Ploma and Arte Joven.

Over the summer of 2015, I will also be researching/writing/finishing various papers, including one that probes vision and self-knowledge in the self portraits of Francisco Goya and another that explores the role of the inefficient in Tiempo de silencio (Luis Martín-Santos, 1962). I am also researching a paper on gender and science in Emilia Pardo Bazán’s La madre naturaleza (1887).


Published Papers:

“Framing Women: Frame, Perspective, and Interpretation in Fortunata y Jacinta, Grand Bal, and Madeleine.” Hispanic Review 83.2 (2015): 165-186.

“Bilingualism, Desdoblamiento, and Dissociative Identity in Juan Marsé’s El amante bilingüe.” The Proceedings of the UCLA Department of Spanish and Portuguese Graduate Conference 1.1 (2012): 3-14.

“Entre la verdad y la realidad: Lo ‘real-maravilloso’ de la masacre bananera en Cien años de soledad.” Divergencias 7.2 (2009): 34-42.

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